Thursday, February 2, 2023

Seasonal Work

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven:"
Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NKJV)

Even though I grew up in Wisconsin, I never shoveled snow in July.  During the months of November, December, and January I usually did some snow shoveling, but I never cut the grass during that time.  Unless there are some strange weather patterns taking place, snow shoveling is done in the winter and people cut grass in the summertime.  Each season of the year has some different things that are usually associated with it, and that is fine, because we understand that there are different seasons.

Just like there are different seasons during the year, there are different seasons in our life, naturally and spiritually, and the things we do and how we do them will differ.  If we do not understand the different seasons we go through, naturally and spiritually, we may have some problems.  In the same way that we grow and develop naturally from childhood to being an adult, where what we do and how we do those things change, the same is true spiritually as we grow from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity.

As the Bible tells us, there is a time and season for everything, but we are not always in the same season.  And while there should be development and improvement with what we do in our life and our relationship with God, and how we do those things, just because there is a change does not mean we are missing something.  Even though things in our relationship with God and what we do to serve Him changes, it does not mean that something is wrong, we may just be in a different season than we were before.

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