Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 Years In Germany!

Today is a special day for me as it marks the date that I moved to Germany 10 years ago to work with John and Michelle Grunewald and the ministry of RHEMA Germany. So much has happened during these past ten years that I could write several blogs about it all but I will only mention a few things.

My first trip to Germany was in 1995 but it was not until three years later in October 1998 that I actually moved. At first I lived near Heidelberg, Germany, which is a few hours south of here, and I relocated to the Bonn area a few months later. In 1998 there was no RHEMA Bible Training Center Germany; it was still in the planning and development stage. Being a part in this ministry from the very beginning has been a great experience.

These past ten years have been filled with growth and development. RHEMA Germany now operates a weekly Bible Training Center in Bonn and we oversee several weekend Bible Training Centers all over Germany and Europe. RHEMA Bible Church in Bonn has grown from a handful of people at its beginning in May 1999 to an average attendance, including children, of over 200 each week. The branch of the ministry we refer to as "RHEMA Europe" helps to oversee and assist the over 1000 RHEMA alumni who live in greater Europe.

The ministry team I am a part of at RHEMA Germany is outstanding and it is one of the reasons I have enjoyed being here so much. Most missionaries do not stay on the mission field for ten years and I credit some of my longevity to the awesome "fellow-laborers" I work with at this ministry. Being a missionary is not always the easiest thing to do but I have found the experience to be very fulfilling and rewarding. Not only am I following the calling that God has placed on my life but I have been able to be a part of working with and changing the lives of so many people through the church, Bible schools, and home groups. With ten years now behind me I look forward to the next ten and I expect them to be even better!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

School Registration Day

Today was the first day of the 2008-09 school year at RHEMA Bible Training Center Germany! This is always a great day as we get to meet new students entering their first year of school and we welcome back those students who are returning for their second year. For all of us who teach and are involved with the school it is a day we look forward to each year. We know it is just the beginning of great things in the lives of our students.

Although we are a Bible school there are still some things we have to take care of like registering the students, collecting fees, distributing books, and giving some basic instructions and information about the school. This picture shows some of the students waiting in line to register. They will then pick up their student manual which includes the student handbook and some class material.

Some of these new students come to us through the referral and recommendation of our graduates. Some of them have heard about us but do not know us very well. We also realize that the students come from different backgrounds and are at different levels of spiritual development; but the principles of God's Word work the same for everyone. No matter who they are or what course these students may have taken to come to the school we know that as they are taught the Word of God it will be a life changing experience for them!