Thursday, January 9, 2020

No Time For Fear

"You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, Nor of the arrow the flies by day,
Nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness, Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday.
A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you."
Psalm 91:5-7 (NKJV)

There are many things associated with a certain time or time period.  For example, in the Summer it is vacation time for many people and in December it is Christmas time.  When it rains you know it is time to use an umbrella and when the sun is bright it is time for sunglasses.  There are time schedules for trains, planes, television shows, and sporting events.  All of these things have a time that they are connected to in one way or another so that when the time comes you know what is supposed to happen.

There are people who get afraid at certain times or when certain things happen.  Some people have a fear of flying, so when it is time to go to the airport, they have a lot of anxiety.  Some people feel afraid when they have to go to the dentist or when they have a checkup with their doctor.  But the Bible tells us first of all the fear does not come from God (2 Timothy 1:7) and Psalm 91 shows us that there is really no time that we need to be afraid.  While there may be a certain time for a lot of things, there is no time it is appropriate to be in fear.

Psalm 91 talks about how God will protect us, no matter what.  Verses 5 and 6 tell us about things that come by night, by day, in darkness, and at noonday, which covers all possible time periods.  These verses talk about a variety of problems and verse 7 tells us these things will not even come near to us, so there is no reason to be afraid.  The key is found earlier in Psalm 91 where it talks about trusting God and making Him our refuge and fortress.  There are bad things happening in the world, but with God on our side there is no reason to fear.  While there may be time for many different things, there is no time for fear.

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