Friday, April 26, 2013

Trust God To Guide Your Steps

"A man's steps are of the Lord; How then can a man understand his own way?"
Proverbs 20:24 (NKJV)

No one likes being uncertain about what to do next.  It can be very frustrating to be in that place where you have questions about what to do, especially when you feel pressured to do something, but you don't know what to do.  One good rule to follow is if you don't know, you don't go.  Making a move before we really know whether or not we should do it is never a good idea.  We need to understand that if God has not told us anything yet then we don't need to know anything yet.  God has given us His Word and we can always go to it and follow what we see there, that is always our starting point.
We must realize that God is a good God who loves us even more than we know.  While some people believe that God is mysterious and He is somehow aloof and does not really care about us, the reality is that He is far wiser and more intelligent than we are and there are times we really don't need to know some of the things we think we need to know.  When the time is right God will make clear to us what we need to know, what we need to do, and how we need to do it.  God knows our life and the path we are taking and even if we don't understand what is going on He does.
What can we do when we are in the place of wanting to take a step but we don't know what step to take?  If God is not giving us any specific direction then we should keep doing the basic things that we do know to do.  Stay with the general will of God while you are waiting for steps in the specific will of God.  Keep your mind focused on what you do know to do and not on the questions you don't have the answers to.  Spend time reading and studying God's Word and talking to God in prayer.  Doing all of these things will keep you in the right position so that when you do need to know what God wants to tell you, you will be ready to receive it and move forward with the plan of God.

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