Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just Not My Day

The other day I was at a grocery store and as I was going to pay for my purchase I got mixed up trying to get the correct amount of change to the cashier. I was about to hand her some money when I realized my mistake and then recounted my money to give her what was needed. As the girl working the register saw my mix up she said, "It hasn't been my day either". I just smiled at her, trying to be nice and not really able to think up a good response in German. But I thought to myself, "Every day is my day because God is on my side" and as I took my things and walked away I got thinking about what she said.

Sometimes we have a day where it seems like we run into problem after problem. Often when this happens we say something like this girl said to me, "I guess it's just not my day!" But if today is not my day then when will I have my day and how will I know when it is my day? The problem is that the standard we use to determine when we are having a good day or a bad day is our circumstances. Instead of checking my circumstances to gauge if today is my day I have decided to make every day my day and believe that God will help me to deal with whatever comes my way.

Part of this for me is getting my thinking straight and part of it is getting what I say lined up with what God says about me. I choose to take God's side in my day and He has said He would help me (Hebrews 13:6), He is on my side (Psalm 118:6), He is for me and not against me (Romans 8:31), no weapon formed against me can succeed (Isaiah 54:17), and He will guide me in my life (Psalm 32:8). By focusing on what God has said about me and what He will do for me I find that my days are better and even when I face a difficult situation God always helps me to overcome it. So, if it seems like you are having one of those days that is just not your day then focus on God and what He has to say about your life and every day can be a great day!

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