Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Making Changes

For over two years now I have had a blog site. This blog site is actually my second, the first one I was using crashed. Then, to make things worse, the company running the site did not have things in place to back up the site and restore everything so I moved on to a new site. Just the other day I was looking at my blog site and I decided to make some minor changes to the way the site looks. That got me thinking about some other related things.

Throughout our lives we are making changes. In fact, the only thing that does not change is that things change! Most people are like me where the things that are familiar are what we like best and we don't always want to make the changes and adjustments that we should. Recently I have been looking at some things in my own life and making some changes. Nothing radical, just some small adjustments that I believe will make things better for me.

My belief is that since none of us are prefect we need to be ready and willing to make changes when we find an area of our life that needs it. As a Christian and a minister I want to follow God's plan and purpose in my life and that sometimes leads to a change or two. What I have found is that there are times I resist the change from something familiar to something new, but when I make the changes that God leads me into it always pays off! Keep an eye on your life, and keep your spiritual ears tuned in to God and be ready to make any necessary changes; it will always be worth it.

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pandy87 said...

This is very encouraging and quite timely for my life. Thank you for your continued faithfulness.